Wholesale High Quality Eco Friendly Yoga Balance Ball 65cm Yoga Ball for Home Gym Exercise PVC Customized Smooth 20 Pcs

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Brand Name: Duojiu
Material: PVC
Diameter: 45cm/55cm/65cm/75cm/85cm
Applicable People: Women
Style: Yoga Exercise
Function: Body Building/Aerobic Exercise

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The yoga ball is a good equipment for weight loss, shaping and strengthening core strength. It can also exercise balance and improve body coordination.

1. For the cleaning and care of the yoga ball, you can wipe the floating dust on the surface of the yoga ball with a wet towel, then spray the detergent and rotate it to wipe, wipe the detergent and let it dry naturally.

2. The size of the yoga ball is consistent with the user's height and weight to achieve the best fitness effect.

3. When sitting on the ball, the height of the user's hips should be slightly higher than or flush with the height of the knees.

4. If the yoga ball is folded for a long time, there may be some wrinkles on the ball after inflation, and it will disappear automatically after inflation.

5. If you want to measure the size of the yoga ball, you must wait until the ball is inflated. The measurement error is large when it is not inflated.

6. Pregnant women sitting on a yoga ball in the third trimester can open the pelvis, reduce the pain during childbirth, and help childbirth.

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Product Name Multiple Sizes Soft Anti-burst Yoga Exercise Ball
Brand Name Duojiu
Material PVC
Diameter 45cm/55cm/65cm/75cm/85cm
Applicable People Women
Style Yoga Exercise
Function Body Building/Aerobic Exercise
Packing Customized
OEM/ODM Color/Logo/Packaging, etc..
Sample Support Sample Service


Q: How can I make an order?
A: You can send us your order request from email or whatsapp from our website, and pay to our overseas account. You could just send us inquiry to any of our sales representatives to get detailed order information ,and we will explain the detail process.

Q: How about the price of your company?
A: We have own factory, Price is negotiable under different conditions.

Q: How about your payment terms?
A: We usually use T/T, Alibaba trade assurance, Paypal, L/C and so on.

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