Gym Rubber Hex Dumbbells with Dumbbell Storage Rack

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Brand Name: Duojiu
Material: rubber/Cast iron
Size: 6 pairs of dumbbells/6 tier dumbbell rack
Applicable People: Men
Style: Strength Training
Tolerance range: ±3%
Function: Muscle Building/Dumbbell Storage

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Hex rubber dumbbells, solid cast iron, one-piece molding, standard weight and small volume. The handle is electroplating process, which is not easy to rust and has a long service life; the anti-slip knurled design is not only beautiful, but also effectively enhances the anti-slip ability of the hand. Referring to the ergonomic design, the grip is comfortable. The hexagonal shape is stable, not easy to roll, and can also be used as a push up stand, which can be used for two purposes. The exterior is covered with high-quality rubber, which is anti-compression and non-slip, and does not hurt the floor. 1-50kg, suitable for both men and women, suitable for commercial use in gyms, private education studios, and personal home use.

The benefits of long-term exercise with dumbbells:

1. Long-term practice of dumbbells can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance. Frequent dumbbell exercises with heavy weight can make muscles strong, strengthen muscle fibers, and increase muscle strength.

2. It can exercise the upper body muscles, waist and abdominal muscles. For example, when doing sit-ups, hold the dumbbells at the back of the neck with both hands, which can increase the load of abdominal muscle exercises; hold dumbbells for lateral flexion or body rotation exercises, which can exercise the internal and external oblique muscles; Forearm raises, lateral raises, etc. can exercise shoulder and chest muscles.

3. Exercise lower body muscles. Such as squatting with one foot with dumbbells, squatting and jumping with both feet, etc.


Product Name Gym Rubber Hex Dumbbells with Dumbbell Storage Rack
Brand Name Duojiu
Material Rubber/Cast iron
Size 6 pairs of dumbbells/6 tier dumbbell rack
Applicable People Men
Style Strength Training
Tolerance range ±3%
Function Muscle Building
Packing Customized
OEM/ODM Color/Size/Material/Logo/Packaging, etc..
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Q: Do you have own factory?
A: Yes, We have a factory with more than 20 years of manufacturing experience; We have our own foundry with a finished production process from raw material to finished product. Strictly control the quality and delivery of products.

Q: How can I make an order?
A: You can send us your order request from email or whatsapp from our website, and pay to our overseas account. You could just send us inquiry to any of our sales representatives to get detailed order information ,and we will explain the detail process.

Q: How about the price of your company?
A: We have own factory, Price is negotiable under different conditions.

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