25cm Slip-resistance Exercise Ball Small Yoga Ball

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Brand Name: Duojiu
Material: PVC
Diameter: 25cm
Applicable People: Women
Style: Yoga Exercise
Function: Body Building/Aerobic Exercise

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When inflating the ball, it's recommended not to hit it enough full, so that the ball body is more elastic, and it is convenient to do clamping and grasping actions; when playing a yoga ball at home, you can lay a yoga mat or towel on the ground to keep it clean , and it is not easy to slip; although yoga ball exercise is not easy to be injured, you still need to pay attention to maintaining balance, especially when doing difficult movements such as wheel pose, you must support it with your hands when restoring; yoga balls come in various sizes, and beginners can use the small ball first, which is more convenient to control. Generally speaking, a large ball is easier to maintain balance, and a small ball is lighter, but not easy to cause balance.

In fact, the yoga ball is a good equipment for weight loss, shaping and strengthening core strength. It can also exercise balance and improve body coordination. And yoga ball of 25cm diameter is easy to hold when doing yoga exercise, which is good for beginners.

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Product Name 25cm Slip-resistance Exercise Ball Small Yoga Ball
Brand Name Duojiu
Material PVC
Diameter 25cm
Applicable People Women
Style Yoga Exercise
Function Body Building/Aerobic Exercise
Packing Customized
OEM/ODM Color/Logo/Packaging, etc..
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Q: Can we print our logo of products?
A: Yes, OEM is available, We support one-color silk-screen logo and embossed logo, which can be flexibly adjusted according to your needs. All products can be customized to meet your demand, including logo, packing, user manual etc.

Q: What is the payment term?
A: Usually T/T 30% deposit for start the production, the balance before we send goods; After payment, we will give you a bill of lading, you can use the bill of lading to clear customs and pick up the goods.

Q: How about the price of your company?
A: We have own factory, Price is negotiable under different conditions.

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