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Nantong DuoJiu Sporting Goods Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer specializing in the fitness equipment industry for more than 10 years and has extensive experience. Our main products include kettlebell, barbell plate, dumbbell and production capacity is 750 tons per month. We focus on fitness equipment with manufacturing experience over 10 years. Currently we own over 600 different shape molds which cater to customers’ OEM need. We have integrated production line, professional service and high quality products.

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We are Professional

We are a professional supplier and we can cooperate to select products. We have more than 18 years’ production experience and self-production rate of accessories is over 90%. From raw materials to finished products, we have strict quality control in every production link to ensure the yield of products. It only takes one day for us to deliver the goods to the port, and we can independently control the production, delivery and transportation time of the goods to ensure the smooth delivery of the products.

Rich Supply Experience

We have rich supply experience and can provide small batches, large batches and very short supply periods for major e-commerce platforms, local supermarkets and other sales channels to meet the requirements of customers of different sizes. In order to ensure the finished products corresponding with customers requirements, our company introduced advanced equipments and established a professional quality inspection process.


Provide Customized Services

We have smelting equipment, and we have custom-made one-piece molding molds of various shapes. We can cooperate with customers to provide customized services, The direction of customization includes material, color, and shape. We can also cooperate with customers to develop new products to a limited extent .which is one-stop service from Design sample, sample confirmation, bulk order production, inspection, shipping and after-sales service and help customers to bring products from concept to reality, gain a larger market and higher profits.