The basics of dumbbells

Dumbbell is a kind of auxiliary equipment for weight lifting and fitness exercises, which is used to build muscle strength training. Because there is no sound when practicing, it is named dumbbell.

Dumbbells are simple devices used to strengthen muscles. Its main material is cast iron, some with a layer of rubber.

It is used for muscle strength training, muscle compound movement training. For patients with low muscle strength caused by movement paralysis, pain and long-term inactivity, hold dumbbells and use the weight of dumbbells to exercise actively against resistance to train muscle strength.


Gym Commercial Rubber Hex Dumbbells6


Dumbbells train a single muscle; If the weight is increased, the coordination of multiple muscles is needed, and it can also be used as a kind of muscle compound action training.

An aid to weight lifting and fitness exercises. There are two kinds of fixed weight and adjustable weight. ① Fixed weight dumbbells. Cast with pig iron, iron rod in the middle, both ends of the solid round ball, because no sound during practice, named dumbbell. The weights of light dumbbells are 6, 8, 12, and 16 pounds (1 pound = 0.4536 kg). The weights of heavy dumbbells are 10, 15, 20, 25, 30 kg, etc. ② Adjustable dumbbells. Similar to the reduced barbell, in the short iron bar on both ends of the weight of the round iron sheet, about 40 ~ 45 cm long, lifting or fitness exercise can increase or decrease the weight. Often do dumbbell exercises, can strengthen the muscle strength of various parts of the body.

It is well known that the adaptability analysis of centrifugal force should be carried out when astronaut physical fitness test is carried out. Centrifugal force can make the original object with small mass obtain several times more kinetic energy than usual in a moment, and continue to generate inertia, so the force of centrifugal force can not be underestimated. The fitness equipment industry has been trying to find ways to apply this kind of instantaneous kinetic energy to product design. Under this trend, the newly developed kinetic energy dumbbell was born. It breaks through the heavy feeling of traditional dumbbells and makes heavy exercise more relaxed. It combines the functional characteristics of wrist ball and dumbbells to provide key muscle training and whole body exercise effect.

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