How to buy fitness equipment?

The cold weather, coupled with the air quality helplessness, makes more and more sports enthusiasts turn their eyes to indoor fitness equipment.

The dumbbell




Dumbbells are known as “the hammer and chisel for sculpting muscles” and are one of the important instruments for fitness and fitness. Experts say: as long as you have a pair of dumbbells and a bench, you can do whatever you want, so that every muscle in the body is exercised. Dumbbells have fixed weight dumbbells and adjustable dumbbells two kinds. The former is mostly cast from iron and weighs between 2 and 10 kilograms. The latter is shaped like a small barbell, made of hard plastic or pig iron, and can be fitted with bells of different weights at both ends. The clamps are fixed with screws. There is also a small dumbbell, also called pocket dumbbell or women’s dumbbell. It is light weight, small and exquisite, made of metal, electroplated and polished. Women often use it for dumbbell exercises.

The pedal




The rhythm pedal is a fitness tool for doing pedal exercises. Pedal operation as a form of calisthenics is increasingly becoming a fashionable method of weight loss in the world. The reason for this is that physical fitness test steps in the practice step aerobics is combined with aerobics movements and steps, completed on special pedal, therefore, it has all the characteristics of aerobics, coupled with its height can be adjusted, patrons can according to oneself circumstance easily maintain effective strength exercise for weight loss, more effectively improve their coordination. Another reason: pedal operation safety is better. Because the pedal is mainly kept moving up and down on the pedal, jumping action is relatively less, naturally make the lower limb joint has obvious flexion and extension and buffer, so it can greatly reduce the impact on each joint, maximum extent to avoid the sports injury caused by long jump.

4 tips for buying an indoor fitness machine

1.Consider your family’s finances and housing conditions. Economic and housing conditions comfortable, you can buy multi-functional fitness equipment such as treadmills; If family conditions do not allow, you can buy a few single-function indoor fitness equipment, such as barbells, elastic bars, grip and so on.

2.Consider what you want to do and what you like to do. If the emaciated person in the family member is more, should be given priority to by purchasing the strength type equipment with a few developed muscle remarkable effect, such as barbell, dumbbell, spring pull device; If the majority of obese people in the family, they should choose aerobic training equipment, such as elliptical machine, fitness bike, etc.; If the family is old IN little 3 generations HAVE FAT HAVE thin, HAD better choose and buy appropriate family use fitness equipment if treadmill.

3. Should go to the regular sports stores or large sports institutions to buy indoor fitness equipment, quality is an important guide, must look for the business license, pay attention to the products marked on the manufacturer, factory address and other basic information, problems should be timely to the sales place to replace, or complain to the relevant departments. In the purchase of small home indoor fitness equipment, take dumbbells as an example, the material, rubber dumbbells are safer than electroplated dumbbells, and will not rust. But rubber dumbbells if the rubber smell is too strong, or adhesion with screws, it is not qualified products. Equipment OF A BIT BIGGER HOME INDOOR FITNESS SHOULD CHOOSE THE NEW PRODUCT THAT COMBINES WITH COMPUTER AND HIGH TECHNOLOGY, HAVE TO PASS COMPUTER PRESET MOTION PROGRAM, SHOW HEART RATE, SPEED, DISTANCE, TIME, SET FREQUENCY WITH COMPUTER.

4. Check sports equipment and wear different protective gear. Checking whether the equipment is safe is an important measure to prevent sports accidents, remember not to be careless. There is also pay attention to sports clothing, timely wear waist protection, sheath, wrist protection and other protective gear. In addition, it is also important to choose a safe and effective fitness program according to your physical condition, age and gender.

Post time: Aug-05-2022