Home fitness equipment is new

As many Chinese cities face a new wave of COVID-19, more and more people are aware of the importance of health. In the context of epidemic prevention and control, home-staying exercise shows its necessity and superiority, which helps people cultivate self-discipline attitude towards life, so it has become the most popular exercise mode at present.




Family space is limited

Fitness equipment is best “no space”

These days, the stay-at-home movement is both the norm and the trend. More and more people are starting to create their own home gym or home fitness corner.

In terms of scenarios and needs, hardcore fitness enthusiasts tend to opt for high-impact fitness equipment, such as tummy rollers, home spinning bikes, and adjustable dumbbell sets, which are suitable for high-intensity training. For delicate sports groups such as yoga fans, female office workers, thickened and extended fitness mat, muscle massage foam axis yoga column, intelligent fitness mirror and other “artifacts”, is the choice of light quality and convenient temperament.

Efficient exercise is the main goal for people who need to get in shape and lose fat, so that they can effectively maintain a healthy posture in a limited amount of time and energy expenditure. Therefore, routine sports are particularly popular among them. Equipment such as cordless ball counting rope skipping, indoor and outdoor adult basketball, light beginner badminton racket and so on have become hot sellers.

There have been media reports that the proportion of online fitness equipment sales in second-tier to fourth-tier cities is generally higher than that in first-tier cities, which is related to the family use area. Therefore, large equipment without installation, folding, is an important consideration for many urban people to buy.

Exercise bikes are called “power bikes” in the field of exercise science. They are aerobic fitness equipment that simulates outdoor exercise, also known as cardiopulmonary training equipment. This year’s mini weighs just 3kg and is battery-powered and easy to move without a power source, making it a home fitness starter.

Foldable spinning bikes bring hardcore training from the gym into the home. Fast folding design, simple storage does not occupy space. The backrest and armrest are complete, and the back can be adjusted to suit various heights for higher comfort. The foldable rowing machine, like the foldable treadmill, can stand upright against the corner of the wall after folding at 90 degrees and be easily placed in every corner of the home.

Considering the scene of home use, in addition to small footprint and easy storage, there are also two features worth paying attention to: first, protective performance, such as can more effectively avoid knee injury rowing machine, elliptical machine and other equipment is more popular; Second, silent products are the biggest demands of users. Observing the negative comments on various e-commerce platforms, it is not difficult to find that silence is particularly important to optimize large fitness equipment.

Post time: Aug-04-2022